Chelsea Recreation Campaign


Show residents through OOH messaging how becoming involved in CRCA’s programs and events can allow them to engage with their community in affordable and accessible ways.

Reasons To Believe (RTBs)

Chelsea residents clearly recognize the importance of community, because the Community Preservation Act (CPA) was passed with 66.5% of the vote

Some parts of the community see the various efforts of CRCA, especially in their partnerships. One project partnered with Harvard Museums of Science & Culture

In the larger picture, 25% of adults think that it is important for recreation & cultural agencies to engage with their communities to identify needs & desires, so residents recognize its importance

Tone of Voice

Informational, inclusive, enthusiastic, and fun


Brand pitch & OOH campaign


Desired Response

Think: CRCA is an affordable and accessible way I can get involved with my community

Feel: CRCA is more than just Community Schools & provides me with opportunities to connect with my peers & neighbors Do: Register for CRCA programs & events


Key Message

CRCA understands that community engagement is a priority for residents. Resources & registration for programs are affordable, accessible, and right outside your front door.