New Color Palette for a Website

Color Palette for Chelsea Recreation

Your website is the foundation of your marketing plan and often the first impression someone has of your organization or company. With more people turning to search engines when they need information, you must have an accessible, well-designed site with fresh content. Moreover, color plays a critical role in how the content can make an impact and direct the user experience.

Accessibility was an important consideration to create equal access to information and functionality for all users, the color contrast ratio requirements apply to text and graphics that are essential for understanding the content or functionality. I ensured that the text and background colors contrast was in the ratio of 4:5, which means the text is easy to read, and also included tools to make adjustments in case someone needs them.

The challenge was that Chelsea Recreation does not have a logo on which I could base the new color palette. However, the color green is the most often associated with the industry. In addition, green represents the growth and expansion of the department.

I introduced the rest of the colors from the city palette, Midnight blue, and Gray shades. I considered emotions and attitudes associated with different colors:

  • Green: growth, freshness, healthy lifestyles
  • Blue: tranquility, confidence, intelligence
  • Black: power, elegance
  • White: cleanliness, purity, simplicity, and purity. It also stands for modernity and honesty.

Finally, for the Upcoming Activities & Events Calendar, I applied a palette of bright and energizing colors used in the backgrounds and an associate code to identify the different activities.

The goal was to create a strong voice for the organization’s brand.