Cover design for “A Place of Timeless Harmony”

Creative Director

I created a cover design for a fiction writer. Book covers are always exciting for me because books are my passion.

It was the author’s first book published.

We started with a meeting in which the title was defined. The author also provided photos from his trip to Serengeti (more or less 100).  Then I moved on to a series of design presentations—which began with several concepts presented, and then one was selected to further revise and then refine, again and again, and again until editorial, and author reps involved all agree that we’ve gotten it right.

There were lots of variations—and just as I’d suspected, it was balancing the themes and feel of the book that was the biggest challenge. Fortunately, I found the right solution. Everyone was pleased with the cover.

After the success of the cover, the publisher asked me to create a sell sheet as well. See the result and judge yourself!